SCREAMQUEENZ Horror Podcast Celebrates Anniversary!


On July 29th, the ScreamQueenz Horror Podcast will have been in production for a full year. I’d like to thank everyone for continuing to take this incredible (and often thoroughly bizarre journey with me). I had no idea of the kind of doors that would open for me as a result of starting this show, both professionally and personally. It’s been delightful having you all become a wonderful extended family for me…an extended family that would make The Addams Family look like The Waltons.

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“(Accentuate the) Positive” – June 29 2011 – Skirball Center

On June 29th, Patrick performed with New York City Gay Men’s Chorus in their annual Pride concert at the Skirball Center. This year’s theme was (ACCENTUATE THE) POSITIVE, which presented a fresh look at how we see HIV, exploring how life with HIV and AIDS has changed after three decades.

Patrick performed solo in Totally Fucked from the Broadway musical SPRING AWAKENING, and special guests included Fredi Walker-Browne from the original company of RENT, and South African choral music expert Mollie Stone. The chorus was conducted by NYCGMC’s Artistic Director Charles Beale.


In the Metropolitan section of today’s NEW YORK TIMES, writer Neil Genzlinger called THE RYAN CASE 1873 “a particularly fine example…of outdoor theater.”

Patrick spoke to Mr. Genzlinger after he had attended a performance and poke with him for about a half an hour about some of the unpredictable things that occur while performing a theater piece in public outdoors in New York City. A good portion of the interview turns up in the last half of the article.

Read the entire article here: “A Killer’s on the Loose? Oh, It’s Just an Actor