Patrick will playing the role of The Cop in LIFE ON MARS by Trish Cole.

LIFE ON MARS is a campy, futuristic drama about the final ten minutes an intergalactic lesbian fugitive spends on Earth waiting to board the last penal transport to Mars and also stars Libby Collins and Marcie Henderson. Directed by Sara Lyons.

Manhattan Theatre Source’s EstroGenius Fesitval, an annual celebration of female voices, is one of New York City’s largest women’s arts festivals.

LIFE ON MARS runs November 18 through December first on Festival Schedule “C”.


From May 7 through May 22, I’ll be performing in The Red and Green Room by C.J. Erlich at the Kraine Theater as part of the InGenius Fourth Annual Festival of Original One Act Plays

Four lost souls are trapped in a backstage nightmare that dooms them for all eternity…or at least until someone hits the reset button. Think NO EXIT with the characters from the Nintendo Mario Brothers games.

Go to and click on Calendar for tickets and information.

THE RYAN CASE 1873 wins Drama Desk Nomination!

I’m proud to announce that THE RYAN CASE 1873 was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for “Unique Theatrical Production”. Congratulations to director/producer Carlo D’Amore and all my other cast members. It was an honor to work with all of you, creating this show from the ground up, and I’m proud to see all of our hard work get this kind of recognition.

Here’s the list of all the NOMINEES.

To see the new cast of the show, head to

Patrick Returns to THE RYAN CASE on October 15

After taking time off for a death in the immediate family, I will be returning to finish out the season in LiveInTheater’s production of THE RYAN CASE 1873.
The location of the show has changed since I’ve been away. Performances will now begin on the Lower East Side at Fontana’s Bar, 105 Eldridge Street, New York City.
Shows are at 2pm and 5pm every Saturday through Nov 19, 2011.
For more info,