“Psycho Magnet: A Love Story” – Skinny Cow Productions

Patrick recently completed principle photography on PSYCHO MAGNET: A Love Story”, an independent horror movie from Skinny Cow Productions, directed by Claire “Fluff” Llewellyn

Patrick will be playing Pete Schnecter, a weary traveler who stops for the night at a sleazy motel run by the head of Troma Studios himself, Lloyd Kaufman. Checking in here, unfortunately, could be Pete’s first and last mistake.

“THE RYAN CASE, 1873” Opens for Second Season on April 16, 2011

Patrick will be returning to play Patrick Burke, the violent alcoholic slumlord, for another season of THE RYAN CASE, 1873 (formerly titled THE LOWER EAST SIDE MURDER MYSTERY: The Ryan Case).  The show is produced by liveINtheater and directed by Carlo D’Amore (Latinologues, No Parole), and runs every Saturday at 3 and 6pm. through November 19th.

For more information, visit www.liveINtheater.com