NYCGMC Performs at GALA Festival 2012 in Denver

Select members of the NEW YORK CITY GAY MEN’S CHORUS performed a 30 minute version of their groundbreaking concert “(ACCENTUATE THE) POSITIVE” to standing room only crowds at the 2012 GALA FESTIVAL in Denver.

“(AT)P” explores how life with HIV and AIDS has changed after three decades. It recounts fascinating, moving and at times hilarious stories of life in 2011, when HIV doesn’t always make the news, but always affects our choices; where HIV is manageable but stigma still exists; a life where survivors who saw the worst mix with those from a younger generation who are finding their own voices.

Patrick once again led the chorus in their arrangement of “Totally Fucked” from SPRING AWAKENING, now adapted to be about the terror that comes while awaiting the results of a HIV test.

NYCGMC also brought their BIG GAY SING show to Denver, and for the first time invited over 200 singers from other choruses to join in.